At RG Homes, we pride ourselves in providing quality builds with exceptional client experience. Here’s how we are different:

Initial Free Site On-Site Consultation with a Town Planner

Unlike other home builders, your initial consult is not in an office with a salesperson. It takes place on-site with a qualified town planner that is specialises in residential home project management. You will receive a free initial consult that delivers instant value where you will learn about site constraints, planning laws and any restrictions. No sales pitches, just facts and knowledge!

Full Involvement of all Teams

We do not believe in clients and projects getting passed from consultant to consultant. This confuses the client, the client’s brief gets distorted through the teams, and there is lack of integration of expert input through the life of the project.


At RG Homes, we are a tightly integrated team where the construction team is involved early in the design process to provide feedback and input on buildability and construction costs to ensure the design is consistent with the client brief and budget. Our design and town planning team manages the design and approvals and continue to be involved till handover to ensure council, certifiers and other consultants are appropriately managed.

Qualified and Highly Experienced Town Planners to Manage Your Approvals

Your approvals with council and certifiers will not be managed by administrative staff. RG Homes have in-house town planners that are full members of the Planning Institute of Australia. Our town planners have extensive experience with Local and State Planning Laws and will be able to manage any obstacles with Council or Certifiers. Our town planners are specialists in project management of all consultants such as hydraulic engineers, structural engineers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, arborists, ecologists and bushfire consultants.

Detailed Design for Full Transparency

We can provide a full interior and exterior design package by colour consultants and interior designers detailing all external and internal finishes and materials. A 3D model for exterior, interior and landscaping can be provided. This means we can accurately price the cost of the build and ensure the house will be built to the client’s expectations.

True and Comprehensive House Design, Approvals and Building Service

When we say we are a one stop shop, we mean it. We aren’t like some home builders who won’t do fencing, swimming pools, landscaping or retaining walls. We would love you to have a look at some of our projects to prove it. We strongly believe that a home is not just the house but many different elements of internal living areas, landscaping, and outdoor recreation areas all tied in together. We also believe that when a client pays for a home they get a true turn key finished home and don’t need to waste additional time, money and energy in organising their own trades and contractors to finish the job off.

Cost Efficient Building

We believe that having a holistic approach to design and construction not only ensures an integrated home where different spaces function and flow together, but it ensures in cost efficiencies, buildability and economies of scale. For example, it’s impractical to build a house and do the pool, retaining walls and landscaping afterwards when you could have the excavator do earthworks once for all three elements. When you pour concrete or formwork, you only have the concrete team and cement pump out once to do the pool, slabs, and footings. Additionally, it is often physically impossible to fit an excavator through the side of the house after the house is built, not to mention the risk of damaging your new home from all the activity and moving materials in and out of the back yard!