Many of our clients bring their own designs or have an architect they want to design their home and that’s entirely fine. We are happy to price a build if you have architectural plans or if you want to have a specific architect work on your design. Our town planning team is able to manage them and bring in any of our consultants where required. If you would like us to look after the entire project, our process is as follows:

Step 1 Free On-Site Consultation:

A free on-site consultation with our town planners to discuss site constraints, planning controls and desired architectural styles. Here our town planner will give you suggestions on how to position your home based on site constraints, orientations and any planning affectations. This will ensure you optimise your site attributes. We will also discuss the desired architectural and design styles you wish to build.

Step 2: Building Siting and Design:

This stage will involve a detailed contour survey, purchase of a 10.7 Planning Certificate, Certificate of Title and Sewer Diagram. Our town planning team will manage your architects and designers or we will design and site a house that is most suitable for the block and the client’s brief. We will give you suggestions or alternatives to optimise cost efficiencies and provide the best amenity (natural sunlight, acoustic impacts, views etc) for your new home. A full interior and landscape design package can also be included as part of the design.

Let us manage the design team (draftsman, architects, landscape architects, engineers, town planners) to come up with your dream design. Our construction team will also provide input during this stage to comment on buildability and costs.

Step 3: Construction Quote:

Our estimators will review the design and provide a quote to build your home. We are able to provide options and customise the quote to suit your budget and needs. We have extensive experience with a range of construction techniques, materials or finishes. Our construction team will make suggestions at this stage to optimise cost efficiencies.

Step 4: Town Planning and Certification:

The design and quote is finalised and you have formally engaged RG Homes to build your project. The next step is to let our in-house town planning team look after your Council DA or Complying Development Certificate. Our team has extensive experience getting DA approvals and can work with our private certifiers to see which options will let you start building as soon as possible.

Step 5: Commence Construction:

The Development Application (DA), Construction Certificate (CC) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is now issued and now is the exciting milestone where we have the green light to commence construction.

Step 6: Periodical Updates:

During the course of construction, we will manage all mandatory inspection by certifiers, ensure all conditions of DA consent are complied with, ensure all environmental management requirements (such as sediment erosion control, tree protection) are complied with and we will give you weekly updates on project progress.

Step 7: Pre-Handover Inspection:

The build is finished! All the building and administrative requirements for the certifier will be finalised and the Occupation Certificate (OC) obtained. Prior to handover to the client, there will be a pre-handover walk-through with the client to ensure the client is happy with their new home.

Step 8: Handover:

Congratulations! Your house is finished! Enjoy your new dream home with confidence with our 10 year structural warranty.